Last Frontier PNG

Serving remote regions of Papua New Guinea

Our Story

Last Frontier PNG is a ministry focused on the most remote regions of Papua New Guinea where it has been difficult for the organized church to serve due to budget constraints.

We are located in Tipas, a remote village in the upper Sepik River region at the exact location where the border between the East and West Sepik provinces crosses the Sepik River.

This is the location where the Sample family served in the early 90’s under the direction of Adventist Frontier Missions.

Tipas stretches for about 1.5 miles along the edge of an oxbow lake that up until 1994 was the channel of the main Sepik River.

The nearest town is Vanimo on the NW coast and currently requires 120 miles travel on logging roads to the Sepik River about 60 miles upstream from Tipas. Travel on the river is mainly by motorized dugout canoes or fiberglass dinghy

Della Andrila

Tipas Village

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