We Finally Moved In!!!

Greetings to all our friends and support team. This report is full of good news and bad news. Let’s start with some good news. We are finally in our new home! It is not finished but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows us. Once the shell was basically mosquito and rat proof we decided we could put up with the occasional dust storm as we finished the inside. As you can see from the pictures there is a basic and functional kitchen but the sink is not yet hooked up. There is one sink in the house that has a temporary drain connected so we bring in water from the tank in buckets and use that sink for everything. The shower is waiting for the wall panels so I put a sealer on the plywood and caulked the corners and edges and we use the pour bath method. 

To get pressurized water to the fixtures I need to put in the head tank tower and get the plumbing connected to pump the water up there. I picked up the needed fittings and other items to make that happen in the next week or so. It will be harder without Corrie but we will make it happen. Why without Corrie??? Well she is on her way to Michigan to meet up with Joella and Sean to attend Michigan camp meeting this weekend and then travel back to Idaho with them to be part of their wedding on July 11. She plans to spend a weekend in the Walla Walla Valley so watch for her at Stateline Church. Since she has a layover in Hong Kong for 16 hours I am guessing we will see some pictures on the Facebook page soon. 

One of the best features of the new house is the office/classroom.We made a 10 foot table and will soon have a 9 foot desk where I will be able to do my studying and writing and teaching. The printer will be in a small room on the other side of the wall where the desk is and this little room will be air conditioned as soon as I get the door made and installed. Sitting at my table I have a panoramic view out the room length screened window that is just above the table height. In the early morning hours before it starts to get light I enjoy listening to the first bird sounds as they start to wake up. What a place to receive inspiration for the materials I plan to write and translate.

Here is a bit of the bad news… my 75 hp 2 stroke Yamaha outboard motor has given up on me. A friend used it to bring some of the Logging Company’s managers down to Tipas from up where the road comes out to the Sepik and apparently the fuel the company provided was not mixed properly with 2 stroke oil and the engine started destroying itself internally. The parts needed to repair it are more than half the cost of the motor and when labor is added it gets awfully close. We are still praying about what we should do. The company sent word with the news of the mishap that they would pay to get it fixed but we will see if that comes through when they see the costs. This just reinforces the fact that travel in this environment is costly and there are so many ways things can go wrong.

And now some more good news… Pastor Leonard Sumitau, PNG Union Secretary will be coming out to visit us in two weeks! He will be brought to the river by Pastor Gideon Kend, our Regional Supervisor and 2 or three others will come as well. One is our District Director, Pastor Campbell and it looks like our friend, Elder Phillip Kairu will come as well. So I have to get in gear and finish those guest rooms! While Pastor Sumitau is with us, I hope to be able to take him to visit the Edwaki High School. The idea of taking over this High School under the management of the Seventhday Adventists had gone all the way to the Union level and produced some excitement. Continue to pray for the potential project.

We have said goodbye to our Isuzu. I sold it today to an Adventist business man here in Vanimo who will put it to good use. He is a solid supporter of the church and can make the truck pay for itself while using it to help the church as well. We had planned to go down to May River on June 6 to meet with AFM workers but their timing changed and we needed to get Corrie to town to get her tickets to fly to Chicago so we came out to Vanimo Sunday. This is just one of the ways God works to keep us on track. Right up to the weekend we planned to make a quick trip to May River on Sunday and Corrie was going to ride down with them to Pagwi and out to Wewak on Tuesday. Instead due to a strong feeling I had and also the fact my big motor was not available making the trip twice as long, we decided to go to town on Sunday instead of waiting. It was incredible because as soon as Corrie was able to get on the Internet as we came in to town she found a ticket from Port Moresby to Chicago for half the price of any other carrier to fly out of Port Moresby on Wednesday! So she purchased those and also the local airline tickets to get from Vanimo to Port Moresby and began to pray there would not be any cancellations which are so common here. Today she told me she had met up with all the AFM visitors in Port Moresby and found out that they had quite the experience on their way out. The road to Wewak was closed due to tribal fighting and they had to travel many more miles down the Sepik to another road that comes out from Wewak and the mission sent a car out for them. Corrie was so thankful that she missed all that excitement. It’s hard to believe we are coming up on the one year anniversary of our arrival in Tipas. It has been an amazing year in a little thatched roof house. One of our least favorite things was the little mud dauber wasps and bees that made large apartment complexes in the thatch above us. Then the rats would come and break them up to get at the goodies in them and the dried mud would come raining down on the tents we had pitched in the rooms to give us a mosquito and rat proof place to sleep.

A big thanks to all of you who inquired about our safety after hearing about the land slide up in the Enga Province. We are nowhere near this tragedy. It is located up in the high elevations near where our Sopas Hospital used to be. It is a terrible tragedy with thousands buried. Our only concerns in the Sepik River plain are wind and flooding. No chance of any land slide in this flat plain that is only about 150 feet above sea level even though it is nearly
700 miles to the mouth of the river where it empties into the Pacific.

Its past my bedtime and we take off at 5am in the morning to go back to Tipas so I better shower and head to bed. It’s a long day ahead. Feel free to send me an email if you would like to get this newsletter in living color.