Today has been a busy day. Basic vehicle maintenance getting ready for trip down to LAX, visiting with cousin Clyde Sample and his wife Lou who came down from Spangle to say goodbye, working on this website to solve security issues etc.

Last night the Stateline SDA Church had an amazing farewell dinner for us and I can honestly say I have not experienced any greater display of love and support than we felt from this amazing group of brothers and sisters in Christ! It is never easy to say goodbye and I am looking forward to that day when we shall never part again!

Be watching for new videos on our YouTube channel. Corrie is working on some of the video clips I took on my trip last year as well as from last night’s gathering.

We will be driving out of the Walla Walla Valley on Wednesday morning heading for Quincy, CA where Corrie worked before she came up here.

I received many connections on WhatsApp after our gathering last night where I mentioned that WhatsApp is the best way to stay in touch while we are in PNG. Once we leave the States we will be removing our Verizon simm card and will have PNG phone numbers over there. It is prohibitively expensive to call a PNG mobile number from here and vice versa so we will not be using that method. WhatsApp is a simple app that is secure and allows us to text, talk and do video calls as well as share pictures with each other. If you install it on your phone you can add us to your contact list and send us a quick message before we leave here and it will stay connected when we change numbers.