Our first Sabbath in PNG

After arriving on Friday, March 31, we settled in at the transit house at Pacific Adventist University.  Basically a large Hotel suite type room with multiple beds, lounge area with several nice chairs and sofa, dining table, kitchen and bath, the room was quite comfortable and probably the last place we will stay for a while where hot water is on tap.

Sabbath morning was beautiful and I rose early and walked around in the pre dawn quiet enjoying the sounds of nature as dawn approached.

Sabbath, we attended the University church and met some new friends as well as old friends. Corrie was invited up with the music worship team to play her flute and the church service was communion.

After church we were invited to eat lunch with the Filapino community.  We felt so welcome and blessed.  One of the couples were from Manado Indonesia where Elana spent many of her childhood years so there was much animated conversation on history of the church and and Elana’s dad’s involvement in the beginning years of our work there.

Sunday morning I convinced Elana and Corrie to join me on my magical pre-dawn walk on the campus.  We sat down by a pond and listened to the night sounds and talked about God’s wonderful leading and watch care.

Monday morning our friends the Oli’s and Auma’s came to pick us up and plan the next place we would stay.  We were sitting under a shade tree eating lunch at Ela Beach and discussing options.  I had tried to contact Bob and Vaseho Wagi out at Mt Diamond SDA High School but my attempts were futile.  Finally I just said, “Lets just go out there and see if they can handle visitors for a while!”  So off we went.  We arrived at Mt. Diamond about an hour later after stopping at a grocery store and fuel station.  We actually met Bob driving out and thoroughly surprised him.  When we turned around to follow and catch him, he thought we were police due to the looks of Zorion’s land cruiser.  Thankfully he meekly stopped as we waved him down and the look on his face when he recognized me was priceless.

Their house was full but they managed to make room for us on the living room floor and that became our home for the next week.

God is good!  All the time!