Trying to get things done in Port Moresby

While in Port Moresby we were greatly blessed to be housed by a good friend, Jeffrey Maliou, owner of “Friendly Guesthouse” in Port Moresby.  He has a beautiful place on the side of a mountain which includes a small zoo with various birds and animals in large cages. Our room has a queen and a single bed and a small kitchenette and bathroom. 

The above picture is of Zorion Auma, Peter Oli and Ruth Oli helping Elana with some meal prep.  Zorion is Peter and Ruth’s son-in-law.  He is the one that has made it possible to get around to do all the business things such as driver’s license, bank account, etc.

It took us more than two weeks to get the drivers licenses and bank account.  We also ordered our needed vehicles and had funds wired from our Stateside account.  That is still an ongoing process due to the local bank the dealership uses having just switched systems and creating a big mess with everyone’s accounts.

Wednesday evening we walked up above our room to a nice chapel Jeffrey built during covid so they could continue worshipping.  Jeffrey asked me to give a short devotional.  Corrie played along with songservice with her flute and the rain came pouring down!  What fun.

Sabbath, one my previous students from Paglum SDA High School took us to the Hope SDA Church and we had a great Sabbath, spending the entire day with them.

Sabbath evening we were taken out to dinner and then back to the guesthouse.

Sunday was mostly spent staying in the room since nothing is open on Sunday. Monday we were able to complete our bank account and Wednesday, April 19 we flew over to Lae to begin the process of getting our container out of customs.


Friendly Guesthouse chapel

Jeffrey Maliou in front of Friendly Guesthouse office

Cuscus (Papua New Guinea Tree Possum)

Jeffrey is on friendly terms with all his creatures.