Today is Sunday and nothing happens around here on Sundays so we find ourself waiting for tomorrow as they have sort of promised that our container will be delivered after our agent meets one last paperwork requirement.

We enjoyed our 3rd Sabbath at Lae Memorial SDA Church and had dinner with the Filapino group again.

Corrie put up a new video on our YouTube channel. It was from a couple of weeks ago when we first attended the Lae Memorial Church.  The video shows Elana telling her favorite children’s story of when she got spanked by an elephant at the Jakarta Zoo when she was about 10 years of age.

We are fairly certain we will be in Wewak by next weekend.  Our container should be on the ship that arrives there a week from tomorrow on the 22nd.  We will stay in Wewak for most of a week and arrange for our container to be taken out to the Sepik River where a logging company has agreed to put it on a barge bound for the Tipas log loading point on the river.  That is only about 3 miles from where our house will be and we have been told they will deliver it with their trucks after it arrives at the log point.

I am hopeful that they will also agree to let me bring them some water tanks and perhaps metal roofing for taking up river as well.  It remains to be seen if we can arrange that.  If not we will purchase in Vanimo and have to find a way to get them down river on our own.

Peter and I are delighted to find out who the new Vanimo pastors for the two town churches are.  One is a friend both of us met 3 years ago that was a missionary pastor in Aimbai at that time.  His wife is someone I had met in the Madang area in 2011 when she did the translating for my Sister’s crusade in the village of Kubugam. Their names are Jefferson and Maria and they are now at the Waraston Church.

The new pastor for the Tower Church as well as the District Director is Gideon Kend and he is someone who has worked with Peter before and is a very mission minded pastor.  Peter speaks very highly of him and my pastor from Stateline Church in Oregon, James Ash knew him in Guyana where James was a mission pilot and Gideon spent several years as a missionary.

We are well, blessed and excited about finally seeing the end of the wait and getting to move on towards our destination.

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Blessings!  Jack