Still playing catch up 🙂 Here is the newsletter from May 8, 2024.

Corrie with the 5 health team members from our parent church

SDA Health Team Visits Tipas
We were blessed to have a team of SDA health workers from the Vanimo Hospital come out for a couple of weeks to hold a clinic. Their hospital supervisors didn’t think they would serve even 100 patients out there in the bush but it turned out that over 1000 came from all around. Some walked for a couple of days to get here from surrounding villages. 5 of the 7 members of the team were members of our parent church, Waraston SDA Church. They are the first visitors from our parent church and our little flock are finally getting the idea that they are part of a much larger church family.None of the team had ever seen the Sepik River, let alone traveled on it by boat. I had fun being their tour guide and boat driver.

Is God giving us a High School?
The local high school in Edwaki, about 5 miles from us, has been in operation for about 3 years and at least one year had to be repeated due to many issues such as staff not staying and other difficulties due to management, etc. I suggested to the people here that they might explore the idea of having the management of the high school taken over by the Adventist church as they have a reputation in the country for top schools. Several individuals really took this seriously and did some polling and talking among the locals and found there is a high percent of interest. Currently the school is supposed to be managed by the Evangelical Alliance but it doesn’t seem to have any evidence of a Christian management. There are a couple of SDA teachers and the principal is a backslidden Adventist but there is no religious instruction at all. The long and short of it is that there has been a letter from community leaders put in my hands and delivered to the mission president requesting that the mission initiate the process of seeking to take over management. These community leaders also met with the Provincial Education board leaders and contacted our district education manager and all seem to be in favor. Please pray for God’s will to be done in this matter. It would really be a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young people and could mean many souls for God’s Kingdom!

Angels On Duty
We have been letting one of the Waraston church elders drive our Isuzu for church work in Vanimo and occasionally people will pay to have him take them out to the Sepik or come and get them. The health team was brought out this way and also brought back to Vanimo. This journey is very taxing for the driver especially during the rainier times when the road deteriorates and makes for a 7 hour one-way trip. Since he has to go out and drive back in the same day, he basically is out there on that rugged track bouncing along for about 14 hours. This, along with demands from passengers that can add a few hours to his trip, makes for an exhausting task. The last trip out with a group of passengers from Tipas our driver fell asleep on the return trip on a steep incline in the mountainous section and the end result was what you see in this picture. Since he and his 3 boys that were squeezed into the cab with him were all dozing nobody actually knows what exactly took place but they were rudely awakened when the truck stopped and dropped onto the rear differential and the right tire was hanging over the edge of a drop off. It happened about 5 am on his return trip to Vanimo after dropping off the passengers and load. We came along on our trip out with our Land Cruiser about 9am and waited with him till the dozer came and pulled the truck back onto the road. Our best guess is that the truck was going quite slowly due to the grade and got over on the unstable side due to the sleeping driver. The front tire managed to get onto the stable ground just before the ground gave way under the rear tire and the truck just sat down on the differential. So many aspects of this just shout that God’s hand of protection through His mighty angels was at work here. A roll down that drop would have likely been fatal. Nobody hurt and truck unscathed!

Upcoming Events
In early June, Dale Goodson, former PNG missionary with Adventist Frontier Missions will be visiting May River and we have
been invited down to meet with them and the Lawrence’s. Dale is going to be writing discipleship materials in Tok Pisin as well as other types of needed materials. This is also something I will be working on so we want to collaborate so we can avoid duplication. There is much need for materials in Tok Pisin. Also in June or July we are expecting a visit from our Union secretary, Leonard Sumitau. He played a key role in opening the way for us to be able to get visas to PNG. He will be coming out for a visit to the region of the border with Indonesia. The border region is a division target area for evangelism currently. I
hope to be able to take him up to the high school for a visit while he is here. We hope to be moved in to our home by
the early part of June and I am really looking forward to getting started with our print and media ministry.

Saying Good bye
Sadly, Peter and Ruth Oli came out to town this trip so they could fly back to their home and catch up on the work they are doing there among the neighboring churches. What a blessing it has been to have them here. Peter helped us organize our company church and also helped us with the very first communion service that has been celebrated in Tipas.

We are looking forward to welcoming Sean Brizendine who is planning to come to work in Ama, our neighboring language group to the South. Ama is about 12 miles from us, 3 by water and 9 by road. The latest news is that Sean is officially courting a dear friend of Corrie’s, Joella Meyer, who spent some of her childhood years in Nepal with AFM missionary parents.

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