Our Mission

As the Spirit leads

Our Mission

Our Mission

In a nutshell, the mission of any of Christ’s followers is to mingle with the people as one who desires their good.  We will live among them, sharing their sorrows, their pain, their triumphs and challenges.  Our goal is to be so filled with the mind of Christ that we will fulfill our Father’s desire by representing correctly His character so that many will be drawn to love Him as He loves us.

We are earthen vessels and covet your prayers that we will submit to our Father’s will each day and carry out the leading of His Spirit.

When Jesus walked on this earth He touched people both physically and spiritually. Some of the ways that we see God is calling us to serve are listed in the next column.  Just click on the headings and you can see a description below.

Print Ministry

Putting gospel stories in printed form is one of the most effective ways to greatly increase the ability to reach a large audience. 

We plan to create and print booklets on many topics that will highlight God’s loving plan to redeem us and restore us to how He originally created us.

Teaching Ministry

Teaching those who desire to learn more is a great way to build relationships.  Many opportunities exist in such topics as:

  • Bible 
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Construction
  • Childrens ministry
  • Church leadership
Health ministry

A critical need in these remote villages that is often missing due to logistic and budget challenges faced by missions and government is health care.

Our goal is to restart a village clinic that can provide basic medical assistance as well as lifestyle education that can greatly improve quality of life.

Mingling and Social ministry

We are to be a sermon in shoes.  This area of ministry entails visiting and assisting our neighbors, sharing meals, praying with those in need of physical and/or spiritual healing.

It also includes planning social activities such as volleyball games, group meals, group outings to help others and other ways to get groups together doing things as a team.


Construction of facilities will be an ongoing part of our ministry as there is need for more churches, clinics, classrooms and missionary houses.

Our goal is to train a core group who can take over as this works grows out from our home base.

Media Ministry

Audio Visual media will play an important role in expanding our reach working alongside the print ministry.

Also an important part of our ministry is to keep our Stateside support team well informed with media that will encourage all to get involved in the mission God is calling each of us to do.


Transportation is not often thought of as part of one’s mission but in reality it can be a very integral part of what God asks us to do.  It may be as simple as providing a way for a shut-in to get to church.

Here in Tipas we are so far out from any town with services that even the church districts and missions are unable to visit, even on an annual basis.  We will be purchasing and operating vehicles that will make regular visits to town and make such things possible as:

  • obtaining quarterly lessons for the church.
  • transporting seriously ill to hospital
  • Bringing necessities such as water tanks and metal roofing that provide clean rain water.
  • transporting district directors and mission pastors to visit remote churches on a regular basis.

Another aspect that is taken for granted in many countries is ability to communicate with the rest of the world.  Tipas has a very faint cell signal in one location in the village and it is only occasionally enough to make a connection with anyone else in the country.

We will have a satellite Internet connection that will enable village leaders, church leaders, school teachers and others to make needed connections to make their jobs easier